More than hundred choristers will be standing on the Passion Play stage once again in 2020.

In the year 2020 the music for the Passion Play will once again be largely based on the compositions of Rochus Dedler (1779 – 1822). Rochus Dedler was born in Oberammergau. He graduated from solid music studies in Munich, his role models may also have been Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Joseph and Michael Haydn. Basic parts of the music he composed for the year 1820 are regularly performed in Oberammergau, even beyond the Passion Play years, and are a consistent component of the local music culture.

In the course of time, Dedler’s music has frequently experienced adaptations and enhancements. Even the formation, which was originally rather a chamber music ensemble, was customised to the larger setting of the current Passion Play stage.

In the upcoming Passion Play normally 4 vocal soloists and 44 choristers will be performing on stage, at some scenes there will be a total of 64 vocalists.

Halleluja to accompany the Resurrection