The premiere of the 42nd Passion Play will be in May 2020. You can pre-register yourself now and can stay in contact with us. You will find further information and news on this website.

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Date: 23/12/2016 - 12:16pm
Oberammergau has a new distribution partner

The aovo TOURISTIK AG is the exclusive distribution and marketing service provider for the distribution of packages and tickets for the community of Oberammergau for the upcoming Passion Play in 2020. The sale for business customers starts on March 9, 2017.

The aovo TOURISTIK AG was founded in 2000 and is with 850.000 sold travels and more than 2 million travelers one of the leading niche tour operators in Germany. The company is listed on the stock exchange and focused on the conception of packages and modularity solutions for adventure travel and short break travel in diverse topics like culture, event, wellness or gourmet. Regional focus of aovo TOURISTIK are city breaks within Germany respectively the bordering European countries.

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The pietà

A play of life and death, promised in a moment of mortal threat - so began the history of the Oberammergau Passion Play in 1633. In the middle of the Thirty Years War, after months of suffering and death from the plague, the Oberammergauers swore an oath that they would perform the "Play of the Suffering, Death and Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ" every ten years. At Pentecost 1634, they fulfilled their pledge for the first time on a stage they put up in the cemetery above the fresh graves of the plague victims. In the year 2020, the Community of Oberammergau will perform the Passion Play, they have preserved throughout the centuries with singular continuity, for the 42nd time.

Since 1634, the most famous Passion Play in the world has taken place in Oberammergau. 

The tradition, maintained and experienced almost without interruption for over 380 years, of putting on the play about the suffering, death and resurrection of Christ every ten years, will be continued for the 42nd time in 2020 and is regarded as the most important passion play in the world. The village at the edge of the Bavarian Alps expects approximately 500,000 visitors for the passion play, over half of which will be international guests. 

All actors of the world's largest amateur dramatic performance come from the village, since a special play law is in effect. All participants, from actors playing the big speaking parts such as Jesus, Mary or Judas, through members of the choir, orchestra members, firemen and ushers, must have been born in Oberammergau or lived there for at least 20 years. 

Passionplay 2010

The Last Supper

Over 2000 participants brought the story of Jesus of Nazareth to the ears and eyes of the audience in a five-hour presentation on the imposing open-air stage. Almost half of the inhabitants of Oberammergau enacted with great devotion the story of Jesus whose message gives billions of people hope and strength. The play covers the period of Jesus entering Jerusalem and continues up to his death on the Cross and his resurrection. The new production, under the direction of Christian Stückl and the artistic team of the Passion Play in 2000, the stage designer Stefan Hageneier and the music directors Markus Zwink and Michael Bocklet, reflected the tremendous community achievement.
For ten months the villagers playing the roles of Jesus, Mary, Pontius Pilate and the apostles, of the children, soldiers and priests rehearsed the newly revised text whilst the orchestra and the singers studied the exceptional music created for the performance by the composer Rochus Dedler.

Time Schedule

In 2015 the Oberammergau Council will appoint the production team of the 2020 Passion Play. Thereby the preparations for the next Passion Play will start. There have many organizational issues to be clarified in advance, such as the playing schedule, the admission prices and the promotion of the Passion Play. The exact schedule will be decided at the latest in 2017.

By Ash Wednesday 2019, all participants in the play let their hair grow - and men also their beards - in accordance with a long tradition, the "Beard and Hair Edict".

In spring 2019, the names of the actors will be announced. In addition to the major characters of Jesus, Mary, Peter, Judas, Pontius Pilate and Caiaphas, there are 120 larger and smaller speaking parts. Altogether, more than 2.000 Oberammergau villagers will participate in the 2020 Passion Play. 

Rehearsals for the 42nd Passion Play will start in autumn 2019. 

The first performance of the 2020 Passion Play will be in May.

Press Commentary

After 376 years, the Oberammergau Passion Play is still a work in progress. Performed every decade as a promise to God.

[Los Angeles Times]

Staging, music and costuming would meet professional standards anywhere. At various times, the wide, outdoor stage holds hundreds of people, small herds of sheep and goats, donkeys, a horse, armored Roman soldiers or 48 choristers wearing long, flowing gray and maroon robes with handsome gray hats shaped like the front end of a bullet train.

[Chicago Tribune]

Oberammergau’s Passion Play is now a world-famous, world-class production of the life and resurrection of Jesus, still presented once every decade, and performed solely by the villagers.

[Toronto Star]

Oberammergau und seine Passion

Oberammergau und seine Passion, Passionstheater Foyer

Ausstellung im Passionstheater, ab 20.03.2016

Am Beginn der Tradition der weltberühmten Oberammergauer Passionsspiele steht ein Gelübde aus der Zeit des Dreißigjährigen Krieges. Während des Schwedeneinfalls war Bayern von einer verheerenden Pestepidemie heimgesucht worden, der in Oberammergau mehr als 80 Menschen zum Opfer fielen. In der Hoffnung auf die Hilfe Gottes gelobten 1633 die Gemeindevorsteher, „die Passions-Tragödie alle zehn Jahre zu halten“, wenn das Dorf von der Pest befreit würde. Die Seuche kam zum Stillstand und bereits 1634 lösten die Oberammergauer ihr Versprechen zum ersten Mal ein, verlegten das Spiel ab 1680 jedoch auf die runden Zehnerjahre. In ungebrochener Tradition spielen die Oberammergauer 2020 die nächste Passion.

In der Ausstellung wird die Geschichte der Oberammergauer Passionsspiele von 1634 bis heute erzählt. Neben Originalkostümen der Passion 2010 kann man im Filmraum historische Filme sehen oder aber Bilder der Passionsspiele 2010 auf sich wirken lassen. Hörbeispiele ermöglichen den Vergleich zwischen den Kompositionen von 1815 mit der Musik von 2010. „Lebende Bilder“ ein besonderes, spezifisches Stilelement der Oberammergauer Passionsspiele können durch Jahrhunderte im Wandel der Zeit betrachtet werden. 

Durch eine Führung kann jeder Besucher das Thema vertiefen. Zuschauerraum, Bühne und der Garderobenbereich sind dann zugänglich.

Führungen durch das Passionstheater täglich Di-So 10:00, 14:00 und 16:00 Uhr in deutsch, sowie 11:00 Uhr in englisch. Dauer der Führung: ca. 45 Minuten.


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