From 7 to 10 May 2020, Youth Days will take place for the first time in Oberammergau in the run-up to the Passion Play with over 8,000 young visitors between the ages of 16 and 26.

The focus is on a visit to a final rehearsal of the Passion Play. This will be accompanied by introductions to the play as well as panel discussions with the play director Christian Stückl and performers of the Passion Play. There will also be an accompanying church programme with peace prayers, ecumenical worship and workshops.

Trailer for the Youth Days

Information & Tickets

Tickets in three categories can be purchased for the Youth Days and the Passion Play (final rehearsal) on Friday, May 08 or Saturday, May 09:

  •     Category 1: € 24
  •     Category 2: € 16
  •     Category 3: €   8

Alternatively there is also the possibility to purchase a ticket with accommodation:

  •     Hotel, guesthouse or apartment
    A ticket with accommodation is available as a 2- or 3-day arrangement and costs between € 25-92 per person in a double or multi-bed room including breakfast. Single rooms are available for an extra charge of € 23 - 34.
  •     Shared accommodation
    Shared accommodations are sleeping places in schools and gyms. Guests bring their own sleeping bag, mattress and towels. Protection fee: 5€ per person
  •     Private accommodations
    Private accommodations are simple sleeping places in private households, which are offered by people from Oberammergau out of hospitality. These can be, for example, guest beds, loungers or sofa beds - similar to the accommodation of friends or relatives. If possible, a small breakfast is offered. Protective charge: 5€ per person
  •     Camping
    For tents and camping buses there is a meadow right next to the Passion Play Theatre Oberammergau.
  •     Catering
    Breakfast is available for 5 € and during the break a dish with a drink is available for 9 €.