That was the Oberammergau Passion Play 2022!


That was the 42nd Oberammergau Passion Play - Clip

Now the town is quiet again, many of the performers have gone on well-deserved holidays, most of the shops are closed for holiday. Dismantling is taking place in and around the Passion Play Theatre, the dressing rooms are being cleared out, the 42nd Oberammergau Passion Play is history.

It was a long period of preparation, with anxious trembling. But all the efforts and all the waiting were worth it when we were able to celebrate our premiere with you on 14 May. You have remained loyal to us over all these years, you have shared our enthusiasm and accompanied us on this often difficult path. A heartfelt thank you for this!

We look back with joy on this intensive time with many wonderful encounters - digital and analogue - and hope to see you all again in 2030 for the 43rd Passion Play.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Anne Fritsch for the informative blog posts, Sebastian Schulte, Andreas Stückl, Arno Declair and Gabriela Neeb for the wonderful photos and Ralf Bücheler and Johannes Rosenstein from Royalfilmmakers GmbH for all the beautiful videos and the many years of great cooperation. A big thank you also goes to Otto Dzemla, who was responsible for the graphic appearance of the Passion Play 2022, and to Karen Pfann and Maximilian Mayet, who actively supported us during the main rush.

Your press team of the Passion Play 2022
Franziska Seher, Jenny Greza and Frederik Mayet


The renewal of vows took place on 20 October 2018 in the Passion Play Theatre. (Photo: Andreas Stückl)

Afterwards, the performers for the 2020 Passion Play were announced. (Photo: Gabriela Neeb)

At the announcement of the cast in front of the Passion Play Theatre. (Photo: Andreas Stückl)

From Ash Wednesday, 6 March 2019, the hair and beard decree applied. From that day on, all participants are no longer allowed to cut their hair, the men also their beards. (Photo: Andreas Stückl)

In the previous year of the Passion Play, "The Plague" is performed in the Passion Play Theatre. The play deals with the history of the origins of the Oberammergau Passion Play. (Photo: Arno Declair)

In September 2019, all the main actors travelled to Israel together with the play director to discuss the Passion story at the historical sites. (Photo: Ursula Mayr)

The stage renovation of the Passion Play Theatre, which was listed as a monument in 2020, began in October 2019. (Photo: Sebastian Schulte)

In November 2019, the workshops started their work. 2000 costumes were sewn in the tailor shop. (Photo: Sebastian Schulte)

All the scenery was also made in Oberammergau. (Photo: Sebastian Schulte)

The wings for the Living Images were elaborately handcrafted. (Photo: Andreas Stückl)

The first reading rehearsal with all speaking parts took place on 7 December 2019 under the direction of Christian Stückl. (Photo: Andreas Stückl)

The rehearsals continued on the stage of the Passion Play Theatre. (Photo: Sebastian Schulte)

The musical rehearsals under the direction of Markus Zwink and his team also began. (Photo: Sebastian Schulte)

In March 2020, the photos for the photo book 2020 were taken. (Photo: Sebastian Schulte)

Stage and costume designer Stefan Hageneier at work. (Photo: Sebastian Schulte)

On 19 March 2020, the Passion Play had to be cancelled just eight weeks before the premiere due to the Corona pandemic. (Photo: Sebastian Schulte)

It was decided to postpone the Passion Play for two years. (Photo: Jenny Greza)

On 17 February 2021, the hair and beard decree came into force again. (Photo: Sebastian Schulte)

In the tailor's shop, numerous costumes had to be readjusted and in some cases completely remade. (Photo: Sebastian Schulte)

In stage construction, details were fine-tuned to improve handling during the change of scenery. (Photo: Sebastian Schulte)

The construction and reconstruction of the Living Images was rehearsed. (Photo: Sebastian Schulte)

On 6 January 2022, the First Reading Rehearsal of the Passion Play 2022 took place with a strict hygiene concept. (Photo: Sebastian Schulte)

Soon they moved to the stage of the Passion Play Theatre. (Photo: Sebastian Schulte)

The 80 kg cross was adapted to the two Jesus actors. (Photo: Sebastian Schulte)

In addition to scenic rehearsals, there are also technical rehearsals for the Crucifixion. (Photo: Sebastian Schulte)

The Catalan giant donkey is on stage when Jesus enters Jerusalem. (Photo: Sebastian Schulte)

Here the condemnation of Jesus by Pilate is rehearsed. (Photo: Sebastian Schulte)

In March 2022, the photo book has been photographed again. (Photo: Sebastian Schulte)

The children wait patiently for their performance. (Photo: Sebastian Schulte)

During Herod's performance, there are also two camels on stage. (Photo: Sebastian Schulte)

Markus Zwink directs the choir and orchestra. They rehearsed intensively in small groups for months before moving to the stage or orchestra pit in full strength. (Photo: Sebastian Schulte)

Archbishop Reinhard Cardinal Marx, Archbishop Thabo Makgoba and Bishop Heinrich Bedford-Strohm spoke at the opening service on the day of the premiere. (Photo: Sebastian Schulte)

Around 4,400 spectators were invited to the premiere. (Photo: Dominik Bartl)

Jesus actor Rochus Rückel at the Entry into Jerusalem. (Photo: Arno Declair)

Caiaphas actor Andreas Richter with the High Council. (Photo: Gabriela Neeb)

Mary actress Eva-Maria Reiser with Jesus actor Rochus Rückel during the Way of the Cross. (Photo: Gabriela Neeb)

Jesus-actor Frederik Mayet at the raising of the cross. (Photo: Arno Declair)

In the final scene of the production, the resurrection of Jesus is proclaimed. (Photo: Arno Declair)

Backstage, young and old wait for their performance. (Photo: Sebastian Schulte)

Over 400 children took part in the Passion Play. (Photo: Sebastian Schulte)

Jesus actor Rochus Rückel walked the Way of the Cross 55 times. (Photo: Sebastian Schulte)

Musical director Markus Zwink waits in the orchestra pit for the choir and orchestra to make their next appearance. He also wrote many new compositions for the Passion Play music. (Photo: Sebastian Schulte)

The Living Image "The Golden Calf" seen from above. It is one of twelve Living Images. (Photo: Sebastian Schulte)

In the ON STAGE concert series, the audience came particularly close to the musicians from the choir and orchestra with guests, at seven concerts. (Photo: Sebastian Schulte)

The participating children presented their own Passion Play in four performances during the summer holidays. (Photo: Sebastian Schulte)

Play director Christian Stückl once again gathered all the children on the centre stage for the derniere. (Photo: Sebastian Schulte)

For the final scene of the last performance, all the performers came on stage together. (Photo: Sebastian Schulte)

The atmospheric conclusion of the 42nd Oberammergau Passion Play. (Photo: Sebastian Schulte)