We are Jesus


Who is Jesus to you?

Rochus Rückel (RR): A troublemaker - in the best sense of the word.

Frederik Mayet (FM): A revolutionary, uncompromising and absolutely convinced of himself. He must have been blessed with amazing charisma to get people to follow him the way they did.

What makes the story of Jesus so particularly relevant for a young audience?

FM: After all, Jesus was a young man. He wanted to make a difference, to turn the rigid system of the authorities inside out. „Rethink!“ was one of his guiding principles.  Think differently! Question things!“

RR: In former times, it was religion which shaped politics. Which means that in a way, Jesus was also a politician.

FM: But Jesus also said: Hierarchies are not important. The world is about getting along with others, about the people. This is totally political - and highly topical. Even today, young people are taking to the streets, saying that things cannot go on the way they are.

Frederik Mayet and Rochus Rückel (Photo: Andreas Stückl)

Does this mean that everyone can be a little like Jesus?

FM: Most likely, Jesus never thought about the climate change, but he was aware of the problems of his time, and he addressed them and tried to act. Sometimes, there is clearly something in the air, and then someone comes along and hits a nerve. And suddenly you have an emerging movement, which tends to irritate those who are in power.

RR: It definitely takes strength of character and courage - to have the backbone to defend this „Rethink!“ concept.


Is Jesus likeable?

FM: When Jesus expels the merchants from the temple, he is not likeable. But he gets away with it because he is doing the right thing. Even as an open, sympathetic person you have to bang on the table when certain limits are crossed: That’s not how it works! Anyone is entitled to do that.

RR: This is also a quality a role model typically has. Being tough at times does not make anyone less likable.


And what is the role of faith?

RR: The Youth Days are definitely a great opportunity for thinking again about faith.

FM: And this is aimed first and foremost at open-minded people, not just believing Christians.


So this is also about believing in something?

FM: Yes, the saying that „Faith moves mountains“ can really be seen as a metaphor, for matters both large and small. If you truly believe in an idea and find the right approach, you can make a difference. You have to believe in yourself, in your ideas and ideals - then you can start building something.

Interview: Teresa Grenzmann

Photo: Andreas Stückl