For a cup of coffee with... Robert Eder

In our new series, we introduce you to participants in the Passion Play 2020 - from ushers to Romans and wardrobes to leading actors. A total of almost 2,400 Oberammergauer women and men will be taking part in the play. Not all of them can be seen on stage. Some of them sit in the orchestra pit, others work in the dressing rooms or as carpenters or technicians behind the scenes. And others welcome you at the entrance to the Passion Theatre. The tasks at the Passion Play are as varied as the participants.

Robert Eder (Foto: Andreas Stückl)

1. What's your name?

Robert Eder

2. What are you doing at the Passion Play 2020?

I am a leader of the people.

3. And what do you do in "real" life?

I work as a wood carver.

4. How can this be reconciled with the Passion Play?

At best, as wood carvers already existed 1633 when Oberammergau vowed to perform the Passion Play.

5. What is your first memory of the Passion Play?

I saw parts of the Passion Play for the first time in 1970, when my father played along as a merchant. I remember the entry with the broken jug.

6. How often did you take part in the Play?

I was there in 1970 and 80, but only once and not as a participant. 1984, 1990, 2000 and 2010 then as a participant.

7. What will you never forget?

As I, betrayed by Christian Stückl, had to go to the director Hans Maier in 1984 because I was too wild in my outrage with the Romans.

8. Will you tell us a nice anecdote about the Passion Play?

The Pilatus servants had coloured the water blue with ink while washing their hands. Pilatus Georg Glas looked pretty surprised.

9. What are you particularly looking forward to at the Passion Play 2020?

To a hopefully good fellowship and the sociable time in the dressing room with other Oberammergauer people, which I see very rarely otherwise.

10. What attracts you to your role/activity?

I like to be a man of the people and am therefore happy with the role. Since I have been in the people since 1984, I hardly need to learn text and can go completely relaxed into the Passion Play.

11. What is the greatest privation in the Passion Play period?

Honestly, there is no privation in the Passion Play time. I simply enjoy participating from the first to the last day. But I'm also not sad when everything is over again in October and 2021 is a "normal" year again.