For a cup of coffee with... Anna-Lina Knufinke

In our new series, we introduce you to participants in the Passion Play 2020 - from ushers to Romans and wardrobes to leading actors. A total of almost 2,400 Oberammergauer women and men will be taking part in the play. Not all of them can be seen on stage. Some of them sit in the orchestra pit, others work in the dressing rooms or as carpenters or technicians behind the scenes. And others welcome you at the entrance to the Passion Theatre. The tasks at the Passion Play are as varied as the participants.

Anna-Lina Knufinke (Photo: Andreas Stückl)

1. What's your name?

Anna-Lina Knufinke

2. What are you doing at the Passion Play 2020?

For the first time I will sing in the choir as a contralto.

3. And what do you do in "real" life?

I work as an interior designer and spatial planner for a company that operates throughout Germany and has its headquarters in Munich.

4. How can this be reconciled with the Passion Play?

My employer designs modern working environments, which is also reflected in the regulation of working hours. I can shorten my working hours flexibly by the amount of time I need for the Passion Play.

5. What is your first memory of the Passion Play?

I remember my mother, who sang as a soprano, rehearsing the pieces for the choir night after night under my nursery.

6. How often did you take part in the Play?

I was part oft he people of Jerusalem in 2000 and 2010.

7. What will you never forget?

I still remember the entry into Jerusalem at the Passion Play 2000. With my ten years this impressed me very much. And I remember the last performance in 2010: There was a very special atmosphere with all the candles and many cried on stage.

8. Will you tell us a nice anecdote about the Passion Play?

There are sooo many! But I remember one of them: Our swimming pool in the garden was knocked over in 2010 because too many befriended rickshaw riders needed a cool down.

9. What are you particularly looking forward to at the Passion Play 2020?

I'm especially looking forward to the music!

10. What attracts you to your role/activity?

I find the power of over 80 voices vibrating against each other and with each other particularly appealing.

11. What is the greatest privation in the Passion Play period?

Clearly: sleep!